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Are you interested in getting your own newspaper? We can put your whole life into your own personal newspaper. So you will get the chance to show the important events in your life to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Or are you looking for a particularly unique gift? You have found the right address! We are going to do a great job for you.

We are able to produce magazines and newspapers in every format and with as many pages as you are interested in for any possible family event. We can print it out in either black and white or color.

And we can digitize, cut and conserve your private analogue media for instance Super8 movies, Hi8 videos, reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes, VHS videos and so on. From your material we can produce CDs and DVDs.

As a special highlight at your family parties and celebrations we can produce powerpoint and video presentations for big screens or digital projectors. You, your family and your friends should be greatly impressed by that.

Newspapers and magazines for all kinds of anniversaries (birthday, wedding, employee's hiring anniversary, etc)
Reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes, records,
Super8 movies, VHS videos - we digitize your private analogue media and produce CDs and DVDs
Let your family history become visual on big screen!
We make powerpoint and video presentations
for digital projectors